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Welcome to Clippings, the official monthly podcast of the Council for Nail Disorders where Dr. April Schachtel and Dr. Katherine Stiff take a closer look at articles and clippings published on all things nail disease.

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Dr. April Schachtel is a board certified dermatologist at the Veterans Affairs Hospital Puget Sound and the University of Washington. Dr. Schachtel completed her medical education and residency training at the University of Washington. Her clinical interests include nail disease and teledermatology. 

Dr. Katherine Stiff is a clinical research fellow at Metrohealth Hospital, Case Western Reserve University. She received her medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University and has developed a particular interest in clinical management  and research of nail disease.


Episode 1 | Apremilast and Intralesional Methotrexate for Nail Psoriasis

Episode 1Clippings
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Episode 1 features Dr. April Schachtel and Dr. Katherine Stiff reviewing the following recent publications:

  • Allen OakHoang Ho-PhamBoni ElewskiImprovement of 11 patients with nail psoriasis with apremilast: Results of an investigator-initiated open-label study. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2020 Dec;83(6):1830-1832.

Episode 2 | Lichen Planus Expert Treatment Guidelines and Onychomycosis Quality of Life

Episode 2Clippings
00:00 / 21:30

Episode 3 | Stevens Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Subungual Melanoma

Episode 3 Clippings
00:00 / 16:57

Episode 4 | COVID-19 Related Nail Changes and Artificial Intelligence for Onychomycosis

Episode 4 Clippings
00:00 / 20:32

Episode 5 | Longitudinal Melanonychia (LM) Management During COVID-19 and Pediatric LM

Episode 5Clippings
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Episode 6 | Essential Nail Surgery Techniques and Nail Unit SCC Imaging

Episode 6Clippings
00:00 / 17:42

Episode 7 | Nail Psoriasis as Coronary Risk Factor and Terbinafine 10% Solution for Onychomycosis

Episode 7Clippings
00:00 / 13:03