CND Day at DERMfoot's Virtual Seminar

April 16, 2021

DERMfoot is the first annual seminar in the country devoted to providing foot and ankle specialists an experience that no other seminar can match.

DERMfoot connects with industry leaders in learning areas that matter most to foot and ankle dermatology experts, like dermoscopy. Acral dermoscopy focuses on the hieroglyphics of the sole, which can present clues to the early detection of melanoma. Whether you notice a parallel Ridge pattern or the pigment is in the furrows, always remember the best thing you can do for your patient is a complete skin check every year to screen for skin cancer and melanoma.

"I am really excited about the program for DERMfoot 2021.  The DERMfoot Scientific Planning Committee has put together an outstanding program with leaders and pioneers from across dermatology and podiatry.  This is going to be a high-yield seminar filled with diagnostic and therapeutic pearls. Friday, April 16th, will be devoted to an entire program of Nail Disorders, back by popular demand - I am looking forward to it!" 

Nathaniel J. Jellinek, MD, FAAD, FACMS 

President, Council for Nail Disorders

Dermatology Professionals, Inc. 

Meet the Faculty

presenting on CND Day


Theodore Rosen, MD

"As the Meeting Chair for DERMfoot, it is my greatest hope that each and every one of our attendees feels that this year's program has a positive impact on his or her practice. Dermatology is relevant to every patient we see as foot and ankle specialists. Biopsy and dermoscopy can save lives. Please join us for one of our most exciting and impactful programs in the history of DERMfoot. You will not be disappointed!"

Annette Joyce, DPM

DERMfoot Meeting Chair

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dedicating one full day to Nail Disorders!

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