The mission of the Council for Nail Disorders is to acquire and disseminate knowledge about normal and pathologic nails. This includes support and facilitation of research and education on the basic science, clinical, and pathologic aspects of the nail.



Nathaniel Jellinek, MD



Dr. Jellinek is a trained and experienced skin cancer and reconstructive surgeon.  He is nationally recognized as a leading nail expert. Dr. Jellinek is based in East Greenwich, RI.


Mark Holzberg, MD



Dr. Holzberg is a trained and experienced dermatologist with an interest in nail disease. He has lectured and published articles and book chapters on many aspects of nail disease. Dr. Holzberg is based in Newnan, GA.


Adam Rubin, MD



Dr. Rubin is a trained and experienced dermatologist and dermatopathologist. He is nationally recognized as an expert in nail disease and nail pathology. Dr. Rubin is based in Philadelphia, PA. 

Board of Trustees

C. Ralph Daniel, MD (2020-2022)

Philip Fleckman, MD (2020-2022)

Aditya Gupta, MD, PhD (2020-2022)

Beth Ruben, MD (2020-2022)

Molly Hinshaw, MD (2020-2022)

Tracey Vlahovic, DPM (2020-2022)

Shari Lipner, MD, PhD (2020-2022)

Dong-Youn Lee, MD PhD (2020-2022)

Donna Alfieri, DPM (2021-2022)

Thomas Knackstedt, MD (2020 - 2022)

Bryan Markinson, DPM  (2019-2021)

Bianca Piraccini, MD, PhD (2019-2021)

Phoebe Rich, MD (2019-2021)

Bertrand Richert, MD, PhD (2019-2021)

Avner Shemer, MD (2019-2021)

Antonella Tosti, MD (2019-2021)

Martin Zaiac, MD (2019-2021)

Dimitris Rigopoulos, MD, (2019 - 2022) - Immediate Past President

Richard Scher, MD - Trustee Emeritus